Melanie IBriggs (mibriggs@ntlworld.com) - Currently living in Brighton, England (From Fairview, St. George). Attended Erdiston, Foundation and UWI.
  Jennifer Idemudia (nee Norville) (idemudiaj@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Kalamazoo, Michigan (From Battaley's, St. Peter). Attended St. John the Baptist and Ellerslie Secondary 1983-89.
  Amanda Ifill-Welch (amandap@vmobile.blackberry.com) - Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario Canada (From St. Michael). Attended Hillcrest High School, Spanish River High School, Immaculata High School and Algonquin College.
  Carolyn Ifill-Collins (cifillcollins@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From St. Michael). Attended Hindsbury Primary School and the Alleyne School.
  Carolyn Ifill (msbarbados@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Holland (From Hindsbury Road, St. Michael). Attended St. Leonard's Girls 1979-85.
  Michelle A. Ifill-Brathwaite (mbrath0519@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Bush Hall, St. Michael). Attended Grace Hill Primary, West St. Joseph and St. Leonard's Secondary.
  Myrna Ifill (sweetpee1@earthlink.net) - Currently living in Windsor, Connecticut (From Sion Hill, St. James). Attended Black Bess Primary.
  Pamerson O. Ifill (ifill_p@jud.state.ma.us) - Currently living in Taunton, Massachusetts (From Orange Hill, St James). Attended Garrison Secondary School. Boxed as an Amateur for Barbados, Brandeis University Alumni.
  S."Sheryl" Donna Ifill (ythminstr@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Hoyte's Village, St James). Attended St. John the Baptist, Christ Church High and Barbados Community College (Hospitality).
  Shatara Ifill (shatara100@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Holland (From Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended Hindsbury Primary 1992-96.
  Thecla Alphia Ifill (boogalurks@aol.com ) - Living in the USA (From Hoyte's Village, St James). Attended Combermere.
  Winston Ifill (ifillfamily@starpower.net) - Currently living in Washington, DC (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended St. Stephens Junios School and Ellerslie Comprehensive School.
  Nicole S. Ince (jaianicky@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Dover, New Jersey (From Foursquare Valley, St. Philip). Attended Charles F. Broome 1984-91, Queen's College 1991-96 and Rutgers University.
  Tyrone M. Ince (tyroin@aol.com) - Currently living in Boston Massachusetts (From St. Michael). Attended Federal High School.
  Winston McA Ince (elsawin@btopenworld.com) - Currently living in Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex, United Kingdom (From Bayland, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthias Boys School and Combermere High School.
  Michael Ingrahm (mingrahm@ftml.net) - Currently living in St. Thomas.
Home Page - http://www.mingrahm.com/
  Anna A. Inniss (nee Simmons) (anseita@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Prior Park, St. James. Attended SDA School 1973-79.
  Ancille I. Inniss (ancili@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Marley Vale, St. Philip. Attended Industry High, Erdiston College 1980-82, Barbados Community College 1993-95.
  Cheryl Inniss (bajaninniss@msn.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Christ Church). Attended Industry High.
  Christopher H. Inniss (chrisinniss@comcast.net) - Currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana (From Belleville, St. Michael). Attended St. Cypryan's and Harrison College.
  Edson Inniss (einniss@home.com)- Currently living in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Combermere School ,1966 - 1975.
  Errol Inniss (earlinniss@juno.com) - Currently living in Long Island, New York (From Silver Hill, Christ Church). Attended the Garrison School from the first day it opened until October 1977.
  Fiona Inniss-Brown (fionabrowne@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Rockland County, New York (From St. Philip). Attended Christ Church High.
  Kenneth Inniss (kinniss1@shaw.ca) - Currently living in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada (From Thorpe's Cottage, St. George). Attended St. George's Boys', Modern High School and University of Winnipeg.
  Tracy Inniss (tinniss@payne.wilberforce.edu) - Currently living in Wilberforce, Ohio (From Christ Church, Barbados). Attended Harrison College.
  Casandra Isaacs (nee Clarke) (hibiscus67@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Queens, New York (From St. George). Attended Roebuck Secondary 1978-82.
  Felicia Ishmael (felois_fli@yahoo.com) - Currrently living in Black Rock, St. Michael. Attended Combermere.

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