Duane Earle (duaneearle@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Upper Carlton, St. James. Attended St. Boniface Primary 1983-90, Coleridge and Parry 1990-96 and Barbados Community College 1997-99.
  Lindell Earle (lindell_earle@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Christ Church (From St. James). Attended Harrison College 1975-83 and UWI from 1984-87.
  Regina M Earle-Sealy (earl@med.mit.edu) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Maxwell Hill, Christ Church). Attended Co-op High 1976-1981; Barbados Community College 1981-83.
  Sean Earle (seanearle@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Quebec, Canada (From Thorpes Terrace, St. James). Attended Combermere (1982 to 1988).
  A. Denise Eastman(nee Gittens) (a_denise_e@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada/Cayman Islands (From Beckles Road,St. Michael). Attended Girls Foundation 1957-66.
  Andre H. Eastman (dre_43@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Bayville, St. Michael). Attended Combermere from 1982-89.
  Anson (Andy) Eastmond (aeastmond@rogers.com) - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From Cleavers Hill, St. Joseph). Attended Lynchs Secondary School 1957-63 and Henry Compton Sec. School in London, England 1963-66.
  Condell Eastmond (cmeastmo@aol.com) - Currently living in Plantation - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (From Marchfield, St. Philip & Lowlands, Christ Church). Attended Harrison College 1980-86, Brooklyn College 1989-93 and Hunter College 1994-97.
  Karen M Eastmond (k2east@aol.com) - Currently living in Scarsdale, New York (From St. George).
  Lorraine Eastmond (eastmond42@hotmail.com) - Currently living in London, UK (From St. Patricks, Christ Church). Attended St. Patricks Girls School (Primary) and Washington High School.
  Rawle D. Eastmond (east_man26@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Sandford (From St. Philip). Attended Coleridge and Parry 1961-67.
  Arthur A. Eckstein (bajon@ihug.co.nz) - Currently living in St. Michael. Attended Haynes Memorial.
  Kathy & Lou Eckstein (loueckstein@xtra.co.nz) - Currently living in Auckland, New Zealand (From Bridgetown, St. Michael). Attended Combermere School 1951-56.
  Arthur B. Edey (kingabe@msn.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From West Terrace Gdns, St. James & King William St., St Michael.) Attended Bay Primary.
  Arthur W. Edey (aedey@rogers.com) - Currently living in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (From Maxwell, Christ Church). Attended Boys' Foundation.
  Cecil B. Edey (ceciledey@fsmail.net) - Currently living in Manchester, England (From St. Michaels).
  Dr. Clyde D. McK. Edey (clydededey@aim.com) - Currently living Mahattan, New York, New York (From Carringstons Village, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles Boys and Lynchs' Secondary 1965-71. Graduated from Harvard with Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology.
  Walter Edey (weuandi@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn New York (From St. Michael).
  Alex Edghill (al@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Rockley, Christ Church, Barbados.
  Alexis Edghill (aedghill@rogers.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From St. Philip). Attended St. Gabriel's and the University of Guelph.
  Andrew Edghill (bakerdwight@sunbeach.net or bakerdwight@yahoo.com) - Currently residing in West Terrace, St. James, Barbados (formerly of Pilgrim Place Christ Church). Attended Harrison's College 1971-78.
  Angeline Edghill (traceyedghill@yahoo.co.uk) - Currently living in London, England (From Bank Hall, St. Michaels).
  Gina Edghill (gsaedghill@verizon.net) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From St. Philip). Attended Eden Lodge, Cobham's Prep, Queen's College and BCC.
  Grace L. Edghill (graceedghill@hotmail.com) - Currently living in London, England (From Atlantic Shores, Christ Church). Attended St Gabriels; Queen's College from 1987-92.
  Ian D. Edghill (thatis@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada (From St. Lawrence, Christ Church). Attended Harrison College 1956-65. Currently Air Canada Boeing 767 captain, based in Toronto.
  Lisa Edghill (babybirlfree1@aol.com) - Currently living in Springfield, Illinois (From St. Michael). Attended Co-Operative.
  Shondelle J. Edghill (shondelle.edghill@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Baltimore, Maryland (From Gall Hill, Christ Church, Kendal Hill, Cox Rd.) Attended Christ Church Girls and Springer Memorial.
  Angela E. Edwards (Cadogan) (leegalee@aol.com) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Eden Lodge, Lodge Hill). Attended Springer Memorial High 1970-76.
  Anthony A. Edwards (formerly Anthony A. Byer) (aaedwards@comcast.net) - Currently residing in Pittsburg, California (From St. Barnabas, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles Boys School and Queen's College.
  Barry Edwards (w_barryedwards@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Springfield Gardens, New York (From Newton Terrace, Christ Church). Attended Wesley Hall Boys, Harrison College, B'dos Community College and Hunter College (CUNY) in New York.
  Celeste Edwards (wardszi@earthlink.net)- Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From St. Peter). Attended Community High School and now enrolled at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn.
  Collyne M. Edwards (kay_boogie83@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia (From St. James).
  Curtis D. Edwards (darcur@msn.com) - Currently living in Lynn, Massachusetts (From Barkers Corner, St. Thomas). Attended Holy Innocents Mixed School.
  Danny T. Edwards (doflicky@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Richmond's Gap, St. Michael). Attended Wesley Hall and St. Leonard's Boy's.
  Desmond Edwards (bajanking4@gmail.com) - Currently living in Wilmington, Delaware (From Farm Road, St. Peter). Attended Hill Top Preportary and The Lodge School.
  Euleta Cadogan Edwards (cordell212@msn.com) - Currently living in Dacula, Georgia (From Gall Hill, Christ Church). Attended Water Street Girls, Christ Church.
  Grace P. Edwards (nee Small) (gedwards@medical.edu) - Currently living in Colonial Heights, Virginia (From Jackman's, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthew's Mixed and St. Michael's Girls School 1969-74.
  John Licorish-Edwards (johne@dowco.com) - Currently resides in British Columbia, Canada (From St. Andrew).Looking to contact alumni from The Alleyne School, St. Andrew, Barbados for their international association.
  June Edwards (prince171@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Farm Road, St. Peter). Attended Ellerslie H.S.
  Kelly T. Edwards-Challenger (kwjc@shaw.wave.ca) - Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (From Greens, St. George).
  Lenox Tony Edwards (edwardl@inaccs.com.bb) - Currently residing in St. Michael, Barbados.
  Peter Edwards (pedwards@erac.com) - Currently living in Oakland, California (From St. Barnabus, St. Michael). Attended Roebuck Secondary 1982-87.
  Peter Edwards (bluwawta@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Nassau County,New York. Attended Lodge School 1975-81, Hunter College in NY Class of '86, College of William and Mary in Virginia for an MBA in 1989-91.
  Peter T. Edwards (pedwards@monitor.com) - Currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts (From Barkers Corner, St Thomas). Attended Alleyne High School 1970-76.
  Rosalind P. Edwards (gemini4@prolog.net) - Currently living in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (From Westbury Road, St. Michael). Attended Westbury Junior and Metropolitan High.
  Shirley Edwards (nee Moore) (alobia@msn.com) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Barker's Corner, St. Thomas). Attended Holy Innocents.
  Vilma Y. Edwards (nee Byer) (vedwards50@comcast.net) - Currently living in Richmond, California (From St. Barnabas, St. Michael). Attended Parkinson Secondary Class of 1968, Erdiston Teachers College and Former elementary school teacher at St. Giles Primary.
  Wilfred Edwards (wonedwards@msn.com) - Currently living in Randolph, Massachusetts(From St. Peter). Attended Coleridge & Parry, 67-74, Erdiston College '80, UWI Cave Hill '83, UMass/Boston '90. Especially interested in hearing from old CP boys and former 19th Northern Sea Scouts.
  Alison P. Elcock (nee Daniel) (apebbles@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Peter (From Deacons Farm, St. Michael). Attended Deacons Primary and Alexandra School (Class of 1989).
 D. Grantley Elcock (dgelcock@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (From Bridge Cot / Newbury, St. George). Attended Lynch's Secondary, Modern High and York & University of Toronto in Canada.
  Geoffrey Elcock (bim0@hotmail.co.uk) - Currently living in England (From Avilion Road, Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended Attended Roebuck Primary 1968-75 and St. Leonards Boys 1975-80.
  Grantley H. Elcock (grantelco@gmail.com) - Currently residing in St. Helens, St. George (Lived in St. Michael a long time!) Attended Combermere from 1960-68.
  Michael Elcock (elcock@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Husbands, St. James (From Pavilion Road, Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended Roebuck Primary 1965-71, St Leonards Boys 1971-77 and SJPP 1978-81.
  Noel Elcock (noel.elcock@blueyonder.co.uk) - Currently living in Surrey, UK (From Marker Hill, St George). Attended Modern High School.
  Ronnie D. Elcock (baj139@aol.com) - Currently living in Jamaica, Queens, New York (From Arthur Seat, St. Thomas). Attended Sharon Primary, Buxton Boys and St. Leonard's Boys Secondary.
  Yolander Elcock (canalib@sunbeach.net) - Currently residing in Clapham Park, Christ Church, Barbados. Attended St Leonard's Girls' 1982-88 and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic.
  Karen Eli-Weston (kbajan4u@aol.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From Eden Lodge, St. Michael). Attended the Foundation School.
  Jarrod R.T. Elias (coocoo@sunbeach.net) - Currently residing at Woodbourne Park, St.Philip, Barbados. Attended The St. Michael School.
  Kern D. K. Elias (kern@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Woodbourne Park, St. Philip. Attended the Foundation School.
  Astrid S. N. Ellie (dream_ab2000@hotmail.com) - Currently living in El Paso, Texas (From Pinelands, St. Michael). Attended Pine Primary 1984-91, Harrison College 1991-96 and UTEP 1996-present.
  Ann Elliot (nee O'Dowd) (marieodowd@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Southsea, Hampshire, UK (From Rockley New Rod, Christ Church). Attended The Ursuline Convent in the 60's.
  Harry D Elliot (harry.elliot@lineone.net) - Currently living in East Grinstead, Sussex U.K. (From Buttals, St George). Attended Lodge School 1960-1970.
  Rolf Robin Elliott (rolfelliott@hotmail.com) - Currently living in San Diego, California (From Welches, Christ Church).
  Cecilia P. Elliott-Alleyne (keith@ns.ndl.net) - Currently living in Christ Church, Barbados. Attended Queen's College from 1967-76.
  Janice E. Elliott-Brown (janiceb@fpdata.finpost.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Attended Girl's Foundation School from 1968-77.
  Benjamin Ellis (naboonama@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Cave Hill, St. Michael). Attended Bay Primary, Grazettes Primary and Roebuck Secondary.
  Benjie J. Ellis (bellis60042@msn.com) - Currently living in Chandler, Arizona (From Redman's Village, St. Thomas). Attended Community High School 1971-77.
  David Ellis (davidellis391@gmail.com) - Currently living in St. Michael, Barbados. David is with Voice Of Barbados. Attended St. Stephen's Primary and Ellerslie Secondary.
  Jacqueline D. Ellis-Waithe (jacellis@aol.com) - Currently living in Hephzibah, Georgia (From Cave Hill, St. Michael). Attended Christ Church High 1981-86.
  Robert Ellis (rellis61@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Montreal, Canada (From Sayes Court, Christ Church). Attended Christ Church High 1976-79.
  Stacee-Martin Ellis (stacee-martin.ellis@uk.fujitsu.com) - Currently living in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK (From Top Rock, Christ Church). Attended St. Leonard's Boys' Secondary School and West London College.
  Sylvia E. Ellis (nee Inniss) (patsyellis@msn.com) - Currently living in Kissimmee, Florida (From Eagle Hall, St. Michael). Attended Lynch's Secondary, Borough Manhattan Community College and Pace University.
  Arthur C. Emtage (a_emtage@rideau.net) - Currently living in Elgin, Ontario, Canada (From Lodge Hill, St. Michael). Attended Harrison College 1965-73 and Seneca College Toronto 1973-76.
  Charmaine A. Emptage-Hall (cemptage@cox.net) - Currently living in Newport News, Virginia (From Speightstown, St. Peter). Attended Alexandra.
  Heather O. Emtage (hpercy@rogers.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Bridgetown, St. Michael). Attended St. Winifred's, Queen's College and Harrison College.
Home Page - http://www.percyemtage.com/
  Fitz Errol (fitz.errol53@gmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Bridgetown, St. Michael). Attended SJP Polytechnic, Richmond Boy's Secondary and O Level Institution.
  Summer Escobar (springescobar@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Oistins, Christ Church.
  Andrew W. Estwick (parkie50@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Warrens Park, St. Michael (From The Glebe, St. George). Attended Combermere 1975-82.
  Arlene C. Estwick-Jones (aestwk_jones@yahoo.co.uk)- Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From White Hall Road, St. Michael). Attended Lynch's Secondary School 1961-67 ; George Brown College Toronto, Ontario Canada.
  Evene S. Estwick (evestwick@aol.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From Church Village, St. Philip). Attended The St. Michael School 1980-85.
  Hashim (Winston) A Estwick (hashim@ibl.bm) - Currently living in Hamilton, Bermuda (From Church village & Four Roads, St.Philip).
  Ryan Estwick (ryane11@msn.com) - Currently living in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (From White Hall, St. Michael). Attended Buxton Boy's School and Alleyne Secondary School 1982-84.
  Lydia Burnett Etchen (lydbetch@email.msn.com) - Currently living in Southfield, Michigan (From Buckingham Road, Bank Hall). Attended St. Michael's Girls School and McGill University, Montreal.
  Ajene Shomari Ayinde Eustace (ase@eden.rutgers.edu) - Currently living in New Brunswick, New Jersey(From Holders Hill, St. James). Attended Queens College '90-'93; Currently attending Rutgers University.
  Diana Evanson-Clarke (dianac41_@hotmail.com or kerric13@aol.com) - Currently living in Jersey City, New Jersery (From Golf Club Road, Christ Church). Attended Lynch Secondary School (Green Lynch), graduated in 1976.
  Rita L. Evans (rita_evans@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Edghill Terrace, St. Thomas (From Ebenezer, St. Philip). Attended Harrison College 1984-90 and Barbados Community College 1990-92.
  Basil Evelyn (gqbajan27@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Hempstead, New York (From Church Village, St. Philip). Attended St. Philip Boys School (Primary) and St. George Secondary.
  Bruce & Maureen Evelyn (sbevelyn@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Clermont, St. Michael, Barbados. Bruce attended Harrison's College and Maureen attended St. Winifred's.
  Cheryl P Evelyn (ches@newhaw.demon.co.uk) - Currently living in Woking, Surrey, England (From St James). Born In Bim; Left Age 4; returned 1986-95 Back In UK.
  Haldene Evelyn (haldene@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Oecussi, East Timor, Indonesia (From Hampden, St. Philip). Attended Ebenezer Primary, Princess Margaret Secondary, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, Erdiston Teachers College and Handswerkskammer Berufe Schule and Deula Technical Schule in Germany.
  Tara Evelyn (tulip1026@aol.com) - Currently attending Valencia College in Orlando, Florida (From Clermont, St. Michael). Attended St. Winifred's until 1989; Queen's College from 1989-1994; University of Central Florida.
  Winston A. (Tony) Evelyn (bajankat_2010@live.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario (From Newton Crescent, Pine Housing Area, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles Boys, St. Leonards Boys, Parkinson High School and Modern High School 1968-71.
  Angela Eversley (nee Holder) (rueann@hotmail.com) - Formerly of St Michael, now living in Christ Church. Attended Christ Church High School until 1977.
  Reudon A. Eversley (reudon@sunbeach.net) -Originally from St. Philip and still a Philipean at heart, but residing in Christ Church, Barbados. Attended Boys Foundation, 1971-1977.

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