Harold Taitt (scorpiont33@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Maple Grove, Minnesota (From Spa Hill, St. Joseph). Attended St. Bernards Primary, Alleyne School; Barbados Community College; UWI and the U of MN.
  Herbert (Herbie) DaCosta Taitt (pcmedics6707@aol.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Modern High School, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic and Sanford Brown Institute (Medical Assistant).
  Malcolm O. Taitt (mtaitt@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Ruby Park, St. Philip (From Ashton Hall, St. Peter). Attended All Saints Boys, Coleridge and Parry 1955-61 and Barbados Community College.
  Neville "china bop" Taitt (ntaittsr@worldnet.att.net) - Currently living in Hartford, Connecticut (From Carrington Village/Westbury Road, St. Michael). Attended Wesleyhall Boys.
  Sandra Taitt-Eaddy (steaddy@snet.net) - Currently living in Hartford, Connecticut (From Melvin's Hill, St. Joseph). Attended St. Bernards, Lammings and St. Michaels.
  Tracey M. Taitt (tmtaitt@bradford.ac.uk) - Currently studying at the University of Bradford in England (From Clapham, St.Michael). Attended Harrison College from 1984 to 1990.
  Afiya Taylor (afiya_taylor@hotmail.com)- Currently living in Raliegh, North Carolina (From Brittons Hill, St. Michael). Attended The Alleyne School.
  Charles Taylor (bajaniam@aol.com) - Currently living in Brockton Massachusetts (From Pilgrim Road, Christ Church). Attended Providence Boys School and Roebuck Secondary School.
  Janelle T. Taylor (loveable@as-if.com) - Currently living in Florida (From Christ Church). Attended The Christ Church Foundation School.
  John E. Taylor (jaytee@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Ajax, Ontario, Canada (From St. Michael). Attended Barbados Academy and Harrison's College.
  Junior D. Taylor (jdtaylor@caribsurf.com - Currently living in Pegwell Bogs, Christ Church.
  Kent Taylor (k_w_c_taylor@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Canada (From Christ Church).
  Marina(Maureen)Taylor (mtaylor@pdp.Albany.Edu)- Currently residing in Albany, New York (From Dayrell's Road, St. Michael.). Attended Unique High School.
  Mark Taylor (barbadian2002@yahoo.co.uk) - Currently living in Berkley Close, United Kingdom (From St. Philip).
  Peter Taylor (peter.di@xtra.co.nz) - Currently living in Tuakau, New Zealand (From Rockley ,Christ Church). Attended Presenration College. Member of Staccattoes and Tropical Islanders.
  Peter-John H. Taylor (pjhtaylor@gmail.com) - Currently living in Enterprise, Christ Church (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Wesley Hall, Harrison College, UWI, C&W College in the UK.
  Sharon Elizabeth Taylor (taylorsharon_@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Billeberga, Sweden (From Upper Rendezvous Hill, Simmons Road, Christ Church). Attended St. Pauls Primary School, Springer Memorial Secondary School and Barbados Community College.
  Stephen Taylor (stbajan@telus.net) - Currently living in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada (From Haggatt Hall). Attended Harrison College 1955-64.
  Ted Taylor (gullyboar@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Ellerton, St. George (From St. Michael). Attended Christ Church Foundation.
  Vance R.Taylor (vancet@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (From Christ Church). Attended The Lodge School and Harrison College.
  Wayne R. Taylor (nerotay@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands (From Goodland, St. Michael). Attended St. Leonard's Boys Secondary 1982-88.
  Wynell Taylor (nee Ramsay) (apple1drop@aol.com) - Currently living in New York (From St. Philip). Attended Princess Margaret Secondary 1977-84.
  Joan Y. Teasley (nee King) (bajanxena@aol.com) - Currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii (From Kirtons, St. Philip). Attended Christ Church High School.
  Paul Tempro (ptempro@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Patrick's (From Christ Church). Attended The Lodge School 1990-95.
  Andre E. Thomas (athomas@banksholdings.com.bb) - Currently living in Gemswick, St. Philip. Attended Pine Primary and Harrison College 1978-84.
  Andrew Thomas (mandrewthomas@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Fort George, St. Michael (From Long Bay, St. Phillip). Attended Harrison college 1978-85.
  Christopher Thomas (cthomas@norman.carswell.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Club Morgan Road, St Michael). Attended Harrison College 1981-1988.
  Jacqueline (Jackie) Thomas (jtvet@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Lowlands, Christ Church. Attended St. Stephen's Primary School, Harrison College 1988-95 and UWI Mount Hope.
  Malcolm L.Thomas (malcolmt@malcolmt.com) - Currently living in Miami, Florida (From Lower Carlton St.James).
  Maurice Deighton Thomas (mauricet@telus.net) - Currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (From Fontabelle & Lands End, St Michael). Attended Harrison College 1942-49. Graduated University of Manitoba 1963, Civil Engineer.
  Susan C. Thomas (ntee@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Christ Church, Barbados. Attended St Michael's 1979-1984, Combermere 1984-1986.
  Vascol (Roach) Thomas (vascolthomas@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Homestead, Florida (From Crane, St. Philip). Attended St. Martin's Boy's School and Princess Margaret Secondary School 1979-84.
  Aiden S. Thompson (bells_4me@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Checker Hall, St. Lucy). Attended St. Lucy Primary School Class 2-1976.
  Alfred Thompson (bigal0554@aol.com) - Currently living in Kissimme, Florida (From The Pine Houseing Area, Blackmans Field, St. Michael). Attended Federal High School.
  Andrew A Thompson (bardos4266@webtv.net) - Currently living in Springfield, Massachusettes (From Westbury Rd,St Michael). Attended St.Leonard's Boys 1973-1977.
  Carol (Carl) D. Thompson (carldt@rogers.com) - Currently living in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (From Jackmans, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthew's Mixed, Combermere, Erdiston Teachers' College and UWI.
  Cheryl Aimey-Thompson (cherylxthompson@hotmail.com)- Currently residing in Houston, Texas (From St. Michael). Attended Springer Memorial, Community High, and Community College in the 70s. Played netball for Bristol Rangers, and Hockey for Empire..
  Clarence .E. Thompson MSc. BSc. (tomoterror@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Hillaby, St. Andrew. Attended Combermere High 1969-77 and University of Kent (UK) 1998-2002.
  Dale AO Thompson (aodale@hotmail.com)- Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona (From Castle, St Peter). Attended Indian Ground Primary 1982-90 and Combermere 1990-97.
  Gale Thompson (nee Sayers) (hope111@aol.com) - Currently living in Converse, Texas (From Club Morgan, Christ Church). Attended St Michael's Girls' in the 70's.
  Gladstone Thompson (adolphus3@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada (From Paynes Bay, St. James). Attended Lynch's Secondary School 1953-59.
  Hadi Thompson (whitehead@videotron.qc.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (From Foul Bay, St. Philip). Attended Lynch's Secondary.
  Junior Sylvester Thompson (jsylvesterthompson@hotmail.com)- Currently residing in Houston, Texas (From St. Barnabas, St. Michael). Attended The Lodge School in the 70's, University of Houston, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, University of California at San Francisco and St. Barnabas Church Choir and A.Y.P.A.
  Kevin S. Thompson (ktnoez@hotmail.com)- Currently attending the University of Miami, in Miami Florida (From Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended Queens college from 1987-1994 and U.W.I, Cave Hill campus from 1994-1997.
  Lana F. Thompson (lrich1572@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Haynes Ville, St. James). Attended Wake Field High School.
  Marcelle M. Thompson (mdrayton@akingump.com) - Currently living in New York (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended Ellerslie Seconday 1977-1983.
  Marcus B. K. Thompson (marcusthompson@usa.net) - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From Clermont, St. Thomas).
  Michael C. P. Thompson (thomperts@netscape.net) - Currently living in Christ Church (from St. Michael). Attended St. Mary's Junior School and Boys Foundation 1957-66.
  Rudolph S. Thompson (rudy555@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Black Rock, St. Michaels). Attended Combermere and Federal High School; University education at New York Technical College, Brooklyn, New York, BBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York; former president of American Cricket League; played cricket in Barbados for Melbourne Cricket Club in 1960-1963.
  Virginia R. Thompson (nee Deane) (bajanginny@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Rendezvous, Christ Church (From Prospect, St. James). Attended the Ursuline Convent from 1965-76.
  Heather A. King-Thompson (baje_eyes@yahoo.ca) - Currently living in Misissauga, Ontario, Canada (From Bayville, St. Michael). Attended Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary and Alexandra.
  Judy Thompson-Foster (judyyfoster@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Houston, Texas (From St. Michael). Attended Parkinson High School.
  Yvonne Lucille Thompson (nee Holder) (lyholder@gmail.com) - Currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (From Hillaby, St. Andrew and Green Hill, St. Michael). Attended Turner Hall Primary and St. Leonard's Girls.
  Scott A. Thomson (salcantara315@aol.com) - Currently living in Syracuse, New York (From Christ Church).
  Dale Thorington (caribbean_kid78@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From St. Michael/St. Thomas). Attended St.Patrick's Roman Catholic and Ellerslie Secondary.
  Carlos D. Thorne (bajanlover@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Arlington, Texas (From Sion Hill, St. James). Attended St. Leonards Boys' 1988-95.
  Esther Thorne (hotstuffz@aol.com) - Currently living in Queens Village, New York (From Jackmans Main Road, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthew's Primary School.
  Ferdinand Thorne (dayleyan@ibl.bm) - Currently living in Bermuda (From Queens Street, St Peter). Attended Coleridge and Parry.
  Ian Thorne (in2net@aol.com) - Currently living in Mattapan, Massachusetts (From Christ Church). Attended the Lodge School.
  Jeannette Thorne-Holder (tichbourne@optonline.net) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Tichbourne, Howell's Cross Road, St. Michael). Attended Belmont Primary and Springer Memorial Class of 1973.
  Lawrence Thorne
  Loretta Thorne (lorettathorne@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in North York, Ontario, Canada (From Barbarees Hill, St. Michael). Attended Westbury, Alexandra, Queen's College and Erdiston.
  Tana Thorne (tanathorne757@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Bridgetown, Barbados (From Eagle Hall, St. Michael). Attended Westbury Primary School, Garrison Secondary School and St. Anthonys Secondary School.
  Lawrence Thorne (ltgrattan@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Elmont, New York (From Grazettes, St. Michael). Attended Wesly Hall Primary and St. Leonards (Richmond).
  Julia Thornhill (nee Pile) (jthornhill@comcast.net) - Currently living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado (From Britton's Hill, St. Michael). Attended St. Michael's School and New York University.
  Sandra Thornhill (saninthesea@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Chateauguay, Montreal, Canada (From Britton Hill, St. Micheal). Attended St. Pauls and Springer.
  Yvonne Thornhill(ythornhill18@gmail.com) Currently living in the UK. (From St. Lucy)
  I. Thorpe (angel4012@verizon.net) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Church Village, St. Phillips).
  Windol Thorpe (dol@northrock.bm) - Currently living in Bermuda (From Eden lodge, St. Michael). Attended Roebuck Secondary from 1979 to 1985.
  Charles Timothy (timo_ca@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Black Rock (From St. Michael). Attended St. James Secondary and Samuel Jackmman Prescod Polytechnic.
  Sonja Timothy (sonbrea@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Orlando, Florida (From Speightstown, St. Peter). Attended St. Leonards Girls, Cuny in New York and Kaplan University in Miami, Florida.
  Cameron C. Toney (camtoney@netscape.net) - Currently living in Birmingham, England (From St. Andrews). Attended Turners Hall 1965-67.
  Catherine Janel Toppin (cjtoppin@princeton.edu) - Currently living in Princeton, New Jersey (From Upper Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attending Princeton University.
  Douglas D. Toppin (dtoppin@jjay.cuny.edu) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Shop Hill, St. Thomas). Attended Alleyne School - 1978-1981.
  Errie Toppin (toppmann1941@rtinternet.com) - Currently living in Bedfordshire, England (From Market Hill, St. George). Attended St. Agustains Boys.
  Lisa Toppin (fruteelisa@icqmail.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From St. Peter). Attended St. Gabriel's Primary School 1985-92 and Harrison College 1992-99. Currently attending University of Pennsylvania.
  Louis DaCosta Toppin (louis@socamail.com) - Currently living in Roxbury, Massachusetts (From Bridge Cot, St. George). Attended Modern High School.
  Pamela Anne Toppin (ktopkin@bigpond.net.au) - Currently living in Mareeba, Queensland, Australia (From Christ Church). Attended St. Gabriel's and Queens College.
  William (Willie) Toppin (hotcalypso@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (From Christ Church). Attended Barbados Academy. Former manager of the band "Foot Steps".
  Shirene Torrance-Dodd (blackbird_97@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Woodford Green, Essex, England (From St. Philip).
  Grantley R.Trebble (witefro_92@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Rockley. Attending Harrison College.
  Barbara Trieloff-Deane (dr.trieloff@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Christ Church). Attended Mrs. Scott's Primary, Codrington High School and Queen's College.
  Catherine Trotman (c.trotman@gmx.de) - Currently living in Dilliengen, Germany (From Sayes Court, Christ Church).
  Cheryl A. C. Trotman (suda9@live.com) - Currently living in Station Hill, St. Michael. Attended Christ Church High.
  Clarence Trotman (nee Lovell) (samllovell@yahoo.com) - Currently living in McDonough, Georgia (From Brathwaites Gap, Dayrell's Road, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthia's, Garrison Secondary and Florida Metropolitan University.
  Cyril Trotman (trotmans@socamail.com) - Currently living in London, Ontario, Canada (From Christ Church).
  Daphne A.Trotman (trot11@aol.com) - Currently living in Maryland (From Spooners Hill, St. Michael). Attended St. Stephens, Grace Hill Primary and St. Leonards Girls.
  Patrick R. Trotman (enricot@sprint.ca) - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From Chapman St., St.Michael). Attended Coleridge & Parry.
  Tim & Suzanne Trotman (smtrotma@learn.senecac.on.ca) -Currently residing in Ontario, Canada (From Pinelands, St. Michael and Newbury, St. George).
  Tony Trotman (tonytrotman@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (From Payne's Bay, St. James). Attended Coleridge & Parry Class of '61.
  Ralph W. Trotman (ralph.trotman@)sympatico.ca) - Currently living in LaSalle, Quebec, Canada (From Chelsea Road, St. Michael).
  Chris Trotter (chris_tja@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Christ Church.
  Ryan Truss (rytruss@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Regency Park, Christ Church). Attended Mapps College, St.Michaels Secondary, Ridley College (Canada), University of Western Ontario and George Brown College.
  Bruce & Linda Tudor (btudor@caribsurf.com) - Currently living at Fort George Heights, St.Michael. Bruce attended Lodge School 1959-1968. Linda attended Queens College 1959-1968.
  J. Albert Tudor (jatassoc@cariaccess.com) - Currently living in Kendal Hill, Christ Church (From Cr. Westbury Road, St. Michael). Attended Community, Broomes & Modern High 1955-62.
Home Page - http://www.nutritionforlife.com/202922
  Michael H. Tudor (mtudor@oise.utoronto.ca) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From My Lord's Hill, St. Michael). Attended St. Gabriels School and Harrison College. Son of the late Rev. Harold Tudor (1989) and the late Mrs. Pamela Tudor (1999), first Headmistress of Springer Memorial School, Government Hill, St. Michael.
  Reginald Tudor (regtudor@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Carterton, Oxford, England (From Tweedside Road, St. Michael). Attended Federal High School 1958-63.
  Rosita E. Tudor (nee Marshall) (rosie23@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Dunscombe, St. Thomas (From Jackson, St. Michael). Attended Edghill Memorial Girls 1976-81, Eden Lodge Primary 1981 and Queens College 1981-88.
  David Tull (davetull@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Spring Hill, Florida (From Carrington Village and Westbury Road, St. Michael). Attended The Lodge School 1968-76.
  Heather (LuLu) Devonish-Tull (htull@rogers.com) - Currently living in Ontario, Canada (From Arthur Seat, St. Thomas). Attended Sharon Mixed School 1968-75.
  Ian L. Tull (lesraylie@aol.com) - Currently living in Manchester, UK (From Coverley, Christ Church). Attended the Lodge School 1972-78.
  Jo-anne Tull (bajantriniprincess@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Augustine, Trinidad (From Lowlands Park, Christ Church). Attended St. Bartholomew Girls, Queen's College and UWI Cave Hill.
  Kathy-Ann Tull-Gilkes (kathytull@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Dorchester, Massachusetts (From Bridgefield, St.Thomas). Attended Sharon Primary and Alleyne Secondary.
  Leroy Tull (leroytull@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Long Bay, Providenciales (From Gemswick, St. Philip). Attended Princess Margaret Secondary and the University of Hertfordshire.
  Sandra Tull (nee Blackman) (momx33@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Sea View, St. James). Attended St.Thomas Primary and Roebuck Secondary 1979-85.
  Teshera J. Tull (bashmentbas@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Bridgefield, St. Thomas). Attended Sharon Primary School and Combermere School.
  Howard Tulloch (licec@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (From Belleville, St. Michael). Attended Harrison's College 1966-74.
Home Page - http://www3.sympatico.ca/licec
  Sebastian Mahé Turner (bajan2001@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Exeter, Devon, England (From Cattlewash, St. Joseph). Attended Oratory School for 3 years and Exeter College for 3 years.
  Simone Tyson (simone_tyson182@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Passage Road, St. Michael (From Bridgetown). Attended Louis Lynch.



  Marion I. Valdez (mibailey6750@gmail.com - Currently living in Menominee, Michigan (From Maxwell Terrace, Christ Church). Attended Ursuline Convent, 1964-68.
 Alicia C. Valentine (nee Dixon) (khalisha13@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Black Rock, St. Michael). Attended St. Stephen's Primary, Roebuck Secondary 1979-83, United States Army Chemical School and Fort Leonard Wood Missouri and Katharine Gibbs College.
 Winston Michael Vancooten (wvancoo@gmail.com) - Currently living in Oakland Park, Florida (From Connell Town, St. Lucy/Road View, St. Peter). Attended Selah Primary School and Community High School 1967-72.
 Herb Vaughan (hdvawn@rogers.com) - Currently living in Ottowa, Canada (From Shorey Village, St. Andrew). Attended the Alleyne School in Belleplaine, St. Andrew.
 Dion Vaughn (dvaughn@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in St. Philip.
 John. C. B. Vaughan (jva@Cdi.be) - Currently living in Ottawa, Canada - working in Brussels, Belgium. Attended Alleyne School, St.Andrew 1958-64.
 Rawle Vaughan (dollars@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in Silver Hill, Christ Church. Attended Princess Margaret Secondary.
  Sandra Vaughn-Francis (nee Vaughn) (svaughn-francis@gjonas.com) - Currently living in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (From St. Philip). Attended Lynch's Secondary School.
 Theron Vaughn (tav@sunbeach) - Currently currently living in Hothersal Terr., St.Michael. Previously of St.Simon, St.Andrew & Bagatelle, St.Thomas. Attended Alleyne School 60-67; Combermere 67-68.
  Neil Veerasammy (neil_dude@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Stanmore Crescent, St. Michael). Attended Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic 1982-86.
  Cheryl S. Veith (nee Lowe) (bajanqueen@arcor.de) - Currently living in Germany (From Haynesville - St. James). Attended St. Leonards Girls (early seventies) and Modern High School until 1977.
  Maria Victor (gaminem@yahoo.co.uk) - Currently living in St. Michael. Attended Westbury Primary and Combermere School 1983-87.
  Ricardo Victory-Chadderton (iandifamily@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Paterson, New Jersey (From Bayland, St. Michael). Attended Erdiston Primary and Princess Margaret Secondary.
 VOB newsroom-Barbados Rediffusion (vobnews@sunbeach.net) - Current location is River Road St Michael.
  Juliet Vogt (nee Barrow) (juliet_vogt@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Loganville, Georgia (From Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended Hindsbury Primary, Community High School, Springer Memorial, Vista Community College, Berekely CA and Cal State, Haywood, CA.
  Trudy M. Vojvodic (nee Holder) (trudyvojvodic@rogers.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Park's Road, St. Joseph). Attended Grantley Adams Memorial and Community College.

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