Francois Maycock Obasi (healer1961@aol.com) - Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada (From Howell's Cross Road, St. Michael). Attended Parkinson Secondary School.
  Beverley J. O'Brien (Nee Cox) (pobfam@emirates.net.ae) - Currently residing in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (From St.Michael).
  Ronald Odle (ronno9@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Queens, New York (From Welchman Hall, St. Thomas). Attended Modern High School.
  Susan Odle (osdo1020@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Paddock Road, St. Michael). Attended St. Matthias Girl's School, and St. James Secondary School.
  Sandrene Odom (nee Ellis) (barbadian62@msn.com) - Currently living in Dorchester, Massachusetts (From Silver Sands, Christ Church). Attended St. Christopher Girls and Christ Church High.
  Kenson M. O'Donald (kodonald@worldnet.att.net) - Currently living in Boca Raton, Florida and studying at FAU (From Spring Farm, St. Thomas). Attended Thomas Alleyne School.
  Tony O'Dowd (maubyman@home.com) - Currently living in Oakville Ontario, Canada (From Navy Gardens, Christ Church) Attended Presentation College.
  Carson A. O'garro (ocarson@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Queens, New York (From Merricks, St. Philp). Attended Roebuck Secondary School 1986-90 and Luther Thorne Memorial Primary.
  Cuthbert (Bert) Oliver (jobo@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (From Bathsheba, St. Joseph). Attended St. Elizabeth Primary, The Federal High School 1966-71 and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  E. Patricia Oliver (oliver.pat@ic.gc.ca) - Currently living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (From Bathsheba, St. Joseph). Attended Modern High School 1958-65, Carleton University, University of Ottawa.
  Alvin Olton (jenniferspencern@aol.com) - Currently living in Hampton, Georgia (From My Lord's Hill, St. Michael). Attended Borden Mixed, St. Andrews And Turner's Hall Primary.
  Eswick Olton (eswick@aei.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (From Fisherpond,St.Thomas).
  Kim O'Neale (k._oneale@telesiscorp.com) - Currently living in Washington, DC (From St. Michael).
  Michelle S. O'Neale (sista_gotjoy@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Market Hill, St. George (From St. Michael). Attended St. Matthew's Mixed, Harrison College 1983-89, BCC 1989-92 and UWI, Cave Hill 1992-97.
  Nikki O'Neal (Formerly Burke) (chriso'neal@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in Burke's Beach, Barbados. Attended Queens College.
  Norman A. Oneale (bajan211@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Schenectady, New York (From Hothersal Turning, St. Michael). Attended Coleridge & Parry 1974-79.
  Peter O'Neale (pdoneale@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Clapham, St. Michael. Attended Modern High School.
  Ryan O'Neale (ziggy742@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Kingsland Terrrace, Christ Church). Attended Foundation.
  Jillian Orford (nee Griffith) (jilgail@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Graeme Hall, Christ Church. Attended Queen's College 1983-90, McGill University 1990-94 and University of East Anglia 1998-99.
  Anthony Outram (outramaa@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Ajax, Ontario, Canada (From Pine Housing Area, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles Boys School and Combermere High School.
  Orlando Outram (rocann@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Byde Mill, St. George (From Campain, St. George).

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