Joy Redman-Kamani (jkamani@aol.com) - Currently living in Houston, Texas (From St. Michael). Attended St. Gabriels School and Queens College.
  Joan M. Kamara (nee Dear) (bajanquin@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Mays Landing, New Jersey (From Black Rock, St. Michael/Sargeant Village, Christ Church). Attended Ellerslie 1975-81.
  Wali Kareem (blkpan@msn.com) - Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia (From Carrington Village, St. Michael).
  Nicholas Keizer (kiza88@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Fitts Village, St. James (From Holetown, St. James). Attended Coleridge & Parry, O'level Institute and Bimap.
  Janice Lorraine Kelly (Janicelkelly10@gmail.com) - Currently living in Durants, St. James. Attended Inga Lodge High School.
  Mark A. Kelly (markkyzen@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia (From Hastings, Christ Church). Attended Rockley Primary, Foundation 1980-86 and BHA Sommelier Course 1992.
  Andrew B. Kellman (bajanabk@netscape.net or abkellman@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Corona, California (From Edge Cliff, St. John).
  Anthony Kellman (n_ze@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Bulkeley Terrace, St. George. Attended St. George Secondary School (1979).
  Carolanne Kellman (formerly Jan Headley) (carolannekllmn@aol.com) - Currently living in Delray Beach, Florida (From Westmoreland, St. James).
  Dale Anderson Kellman (centinal63@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (From Ellerton St. George). Attended Sharon Primary School and Christ Church Foundation.
  Dianna Kellman (dianakbrad@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (From Spooner's Hill, St. Michael. Attended Hill Top Prep. and Community High.
  Diannedra Kellman (tootsy_20@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Windsor Road, Christ Church (From Husbands Heights, St. James). Attended Alleyne Secondary 1993-93, Deighton Griffith Secondary 1993-98, S J P Polytechnic 1998-2000 and B C C 2000-2002.
  Gail Kellman-Williams (gkellwill65@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania (From Jackson, St. Michael). Attended Sharon Primary School in St. Thomas 1970-75, St. Michael's Girls 1976-82, Sarah J. Hale HS 1982-83 and Brooklyn College and the University of Scranton PA.
  Gail M. Kellman (gaikell@aol.com) - Currently living in Baldwin, New York (From St. James). Attended Queens College 1980-84.
  John O. Kellman (proff@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in East Terrace, Wildey (From St. John). Attended St. Jude's Primary, St. George and Combermere Secondary.
  Jonathan S. Kellman (kellmanj@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Havendale, Kingston 8, Jamaica (From Four Roads, St. Philip). Attended St. Martin's/Four Roads Primary and Harrison College 1982-89.
  Nolan Kellman (faithful2his@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Westchester, New York (From St. Joseph). Attended West St. Joseph Secondary (now Grantley Adams) and Mercy College.
  Roderick Kellman (sierra_eden@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Christ Church).
  Werner J. Kellman (vkellman@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Maryland (From Eastbourne, St. Philip). Attended Lodge School 1972-79. Original member of the Lodge School Band.
  Cedolph H. Kennedy (cedolphkennedy@sky.com) - Currently living in Wembley, Middlesex, England (From Britton's Hill, St. Michael).
Home Page - http://www.presidentenquirer.piczo.com/
  Coreen A. Kennedy (coreenkennedy@myway.com) - Currently living in Gibbons Terrace, Christ Church (From Pine Road, Belleville, St. Michael). Attended Queen's College.
  Lincoln P. Kennedy (kennedyisland@ntlworld.com) - Currently living in Huddersfield, England (From Kirtons, St. Philip). Attended Princess Margarets left in 1960.
  Omar Kennedy (antoniokennedy1@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Gibbons Terrace, Christ Church.
  Hasan Khalid (hasanmkhalid@hotmail.com) - Currently living in London, UK (From Spooners Hill, St. Michael). Attended St. Cyprian's Boys School 1985 and Harrison College 2002.
  Mujahid Khalid (mk01@lineone.net) - Currently living in London, UK (From Spooners Hill, St. Michael). Attended Harrisons College from 1982-89.
  Darren K. Khan (khan7772@kettering.edu)- Currently living in Queens, New York (From Holders Hill, St.James). Attended St. Michaels and Barbados Community College. Currently attending Kettering University.
  Jenny Kieffer (jdustan@ibm.net) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Christ Church).
  Dawn Kinch (syrupy_nuukie24@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Silver Sands, Christ Church. Attended St. Christopher Girls School and Garrison Secondary School.
  Evan "Vadnay" Kinch (bajancharm@yahoo.co.uk) - Currently living in London, England (From St. Christopher, Christ Church).
  Susetta Kinch (ez2love40@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Canada (From Bourne's Land Nr. St. Christopher/Christ Church). Attended St. Christophers' Girls and Garrison Secondary School.
  Yvonne Kinch (ladyofcourage@aol.com) - Currently living in Willowdale, Canada (From Inch Marlow, Christ Church).
  Bryan mc.k King (donbry@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in Callenders, Christ Church (From Silver Sands, Christ Church). Attended Foundation 1956-66 and UWI 1969-72.
  Carol Ann King (c.king@inbox.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Spooners Hill-Bush Hall Yard Gap, St. Michael). Attended Lawrence T. Gay Memorial and Parkinson Memorial.
  Cedric A. King (cedric_a_king@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Speightstown, St. Peter). Attended St. Martin's Primary, Industry High School, Caribbean Nazarene Theological College, Barbados Community College and University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.
  C. Louis C. King (brerlou@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Cave Hill, St Michael. Attended Harrison College, left Modern Six around 1961-62.
  Colleen King (nee Yearwood) (lasonta41@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Clapham, St. Michael. Attended Deacons Primary and St. Michael's Girls.
  Daisy Suzanne King (daisyking52@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Philip. Senior Education Officer in Ministry of Education. Former student of Foundation Secondary.
  Dale Diana King (delightful_babygirl@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Westbury Road, St. Michael (From Seclusion Road and Fairfield Road, Black Rock). Attended Deacon's and Grazettes Primary, St Leonard's Girls.
  Dayle King- Knight (bajanbeauty_41@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Michael (From Seclusion Road, Black Rock). Attended Deacons Primary and St. Leonards Girls.
  Debra A. King (dbbydeb@aol.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Deacon's Farm, St. Michael). Attended St. Leonards Secondary and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic 1972-76.
  Donna King-Taylor (darksuga_21@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Grazettes, St. Michael (From Blackrock, St. Michael). Attended Deacon's Primary, St. Leonard's Girls and Lester Vaughn Secondary and currently teaching at Springer Memorial.
  Ean Art King (artking1028@gmail.com) - Currently living in New York, New York (From Lowland Park, Christ Church). Attended Garrison Secondary School, Barbados Community College, Georgia Southern University, and George Mason University. Former member Of Laff-it-off Team & Green Room Players.
  Gordon King (sollie.sollie@verizon.net) - Currently living in New York (From St. Michael).
  Greg King (hyfieldonline@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Washington, DC (From St. Michael).
  Kellee Dyan O. King-Campbell (ordene1@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Kingston, Jamaica, (From Woodbourne Park, St. Philip). Attended Erdiston Primary School, Queens College and University of the West Indies (Mona).
  Kim Walcott King (robbnkimm@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From Thornbury Hill, Christ Church). Attended Charles F. Broome Primary School (Class of '79) and Saint Ursula (a/k/a Ursuline Convent) 1979-82.
  Lester King (kingL2@gmail.com) - Current address and "in Bim" address witheld upon request. Attended Erdiston 1977-84, Harrison College 1984-92, Barbados Community College 1992-94, University of Houston 1996-98.
  Lisa S. King (rex@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in St. James. Attended Combermere 1988-95 and University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus 1995-2000.
  Lorna King (lorna40@hotmail.com or lornat@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Canada (From Near Sharon, St. Thomas). Attended St. Leornard's Girls 1973-78.
  Margaret L. King (warmbajanbreeze@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Stamford, Connecticut (From Bush Hall, St. Michael). Attended Grace Hill Primary, West Hill High School, Berkeley College and DeVry University.
  Marlon C. King (marloncking@hotmail.com) - Currently living in London, England (From Grazettes, St. Michael). Attended the Alleyne School 1969-73.
  Michael .V.King (mvking@ix.netcom.com) - Currently resides in Freeport, NY.( From Derricks,St. James).
  Reggie King (reggie@sunbeach.net) - Currently living in Christ Church, Barbados. Attended Harrison College 1979 - 86 and Mona Campus UWI. Now a doctor in A&E at QEH.
  Reuben Julian King (reubenjmaulenek@aapt.net.au) - Currently living in Brisbane, Australia (From Martins Bay, St. John). Attended Haynes Memorial.
  Rodney E. King (kingr@ca.ibm.com) - Currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (From Ellerton, St. George). Attended Combermere.
  Rosann King (rosannmelk@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Rolling Hill, St. George (From Christ Church).
  Tanya M. King (likklet@aol.com) - Currently living in Georgia (From Belleplaine, St. Andrew). Attended St. Andrew Primary and Queen's College.
  Ventris King (nee Stuart) (vking20@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Crane Garden Park, St. Thomas. Attended St. Michael's School 1967-72.
  Virginia Roslyn King (nee Deane,Thompson) (bajanginny@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Christ Church. Attended Ursuline Convent.
  Wendell R. King (w_r_king@juno.com) - Currently resides in Mays Landing, New Jersey (From St. Michael).
  Sylvia R. King-Morrison (essarkay@wow.net) - Currently living in Port of Spain, Trinidad (From Cave Hill, St. Michael). Attended Queen's College (and Harrison College Form 6).
  Preetam Kirpalani (preetamkirpalani@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Belleville, St. Michael. Attended Charles F. Broome Memorial Primary School 1981-88, Harrison College 1988-95 and UWI 1995-2000.
  Edmund A. Kirton (bigbajan@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (From Arthur Seat, St. Thomas). Attended St. Leonard. Sold snowcones at the bus stand in town. Known as Eddie or Snowcone Man.
  Gay Toni Kirton (kirton@surfbvi.com) - Currently living in Anegada, British Virgin Islands (From Vauxhall, Christ Church). Attended Vauxhall Primary and Harrison College (1985-92).
  Ronny (aka Woody) Kirton (metasg@aol.com) - Currently living in Queens, New York (From Baxter's Road, St. Michael). Attended Garrison High School.
  Wayne & Sue Kirton(nee Chapman) (wkirton@bellsouth.net) - Currently living in Boca Raton, Florida (From Locust Hall, St. George). Wayne attended Harrison's & Sue attended St.Winifred's in the late 50s to 60s.
  Errie Elson Knight (errie_knight@msn.com) - Currently living in Westbury Road, St. Micheal (From St. Sylvan's Village, St. Joseph (Dark Hole)). Attended St Bernard's Primary.
  George A. Knight (gaknight5@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Long Island, New York (From Grazettes and Wildey, St. Michael). Attended St. Stephens Junior, Combermere and The Federal and Bernard Baruch College in New York.
  Jeffrey L. "Thomas" Knight (stgiless@aol.com) - Currently living in New York (From Howell, Sand Ivy, St. Michael). Attended Combermere 1963-68.
  Katherine Knight (katherine.k@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Canada (From Redman's Village, St. Thomas). Attended Welches & Alexandra Girl's.
  Kerry R. Knight (eknight@hotmail.com) - From Boscobel, St. Peter. Attended Queen's College.
Home Page - http://charmz.8k.com
  Lemuel Knight (lemmynite@hotmail.com)- Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York (From Grazettes, St. Michael).
  Lionel B. Knight (lionelknight@hotmail.com) - Currently resides in Travis AFB, California (From Grazettes, St. Michael).
  Marcia Knight (Emma Peel) (mak-1949@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Ontario, Canada (From Black Rock, St. Michael. Attended Ellerslie 1967.
  Margaret "Molly" Knight (m.knight@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Mapps, St. Philip (From St. James). Attended Alexandra School and Wentworth College in Bournemouth, England.
  Merton Knight (jmk1997@rogers.com) - Currently living in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (From Bank Hall Rd, St. Michael). Attended Saint Giles Boys and Modern High School.
  Nicolle Knight (bajank@bellsouth.net)- Currently living in Stone Mountain, Georgia (From Neils Plantation, Haggat Hall, St.Michael).
  Paulette Knight (nee Inniss) (paulette24@msn.com) - Currently living in Boston, Massachusetts (From Melrose, St. Thomas). Attended Sharon Primary.
  Richard B. Knight (1040knight@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Kingsland Heights, Christ Church (From St. Michael and Christ Church). Attended St. Matthias, Federal High School and UWI Cave Hill.
  Rodney Ricardo Knight (johnknight@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Enterprise, Christ Church, Barbados. Attended St. Leonards and Samuel Jackmond Prescod Polytechnic.
  Samuel K. Knight (sknight22@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Boscobelle, St. Peter. Attended St. Clements, Alexandra, Grantley Adams, SJPP and UWI.
  Sharon M Knight (shaknight@prodigy.net) - Currently living in Brooklyn, New York (From St.Judes, St.George & Haggatt Hall,St. Michael). Attended St.Judes Primary & Ellerslie Secondary.
  Terriseta "Terri" Knight (terri.k@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Canada (From Redman's Village, St. Thomas). Attended Welches Mixed and Coleridge & Parry until 1989.
  Wendy Andria Knight (waky18@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Rendezvous, Christ Church. Attended St. Pauls Primary and Girls Foundation.
  Wendy Anita Knight (nee greaves) (greavesw81@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Kingsland Heights, Christ Church (From St. Michael). Attended St. Mary's, St. Leonards and SJPP.
  Al W. Knighte (aga.cmsi@caribsurf.com) - Currently living in Sheraton Park, Christ Church (From Bank Hall, St. Michael). Attended St. Giles Boys, Combermere, and Harrison College 1949-1958.
  Adrian J. Knights (aircorn@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Bradford, England (From Airy Hill, St. Joseph). Attended St. Annes Primary and Grantley Adams Memorial.
  Helen Knighton (nee Charles) (helenk49@hotmail.com) - Currently living in St. Lucy (From Bush Hill Garrison, St. Michael). Attended Springer Memorial 1967-72 and Barbados Community College 1973.
Homepage - http://benthamshouse.blogspot.com/
  Irvelli (Perk) Knights (i.morris@sympatico.ca) - Currently living in Montreal, Canada (From Belle Gully). Attended Modern High School 1962-68.
  Cullen Kong (vibrrr8@aol.com) - Currently living in Washington D.C.(From Deacons Rd., St. Michael). Presentation College (Class of '89).
  Darryl S Kotyk (dsk17@hotmail.com) - Currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Attended University of Saskatchewan.
  Kit Krasemann (krasemannkc@forces.ca) - Currently living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (From Oistins, Christ Church). Attended Harrison's College 1959-65 and Barbados Technical Institute 1963-65.
  Jerry Kreindler (jkreindler@prodix.com)- Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (From Cattlewash, St.Joseph). Attended Lodge School from 1964-1968.
  Maurice Kreindler (kreindler@rocketmail.com)- Currently residing in Maryland, suburbs of Washington DC (From Cattlewash, St.Joseph). Attended Lodge School as a "boarder" from 1955 to 1964.
  Simon Kreindler (simonkreindler@compuserve.com)- Currently residing in Toronto, Canada (From Maxwell's Coast Road, Christ Church). Attended Lodge School as a boarder from 1949-1957.
  Krosfyah (manager@krosfyah.com) - Top Band in Barbados (& the Caribbean).
Home Page http://www.krosfyah.com
  Ruthi Kuster (nee Matthews) (crerak@yahoo.com) - Currently living in Spring Hill, Florida (From St. Philip). Attended Queens College.

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